Our Story


Diamond Venom is an elite CBD product line that can be found in high end establishments across the nation.  We are a powerful and sophisticated brand created to elevate your lifestyle.

While other brands tend to downplay the power of CBD using soft brand names and undocumented lab results, Diamond Venom reinforces the taboo associated with cannabis products, giving CBD the power it deserves.  Diamond Venom is for the informed consumer, who already knows the incredible benefits of CBD without the cajoling or convincing tactics of inferior and cheaper products.

Diamond Venom Full Spectrum CBD products are rich in terpenes, which are natural synergistic components that amplify its effectiveness. Diamond Venom CBD is non-gmo, vegan, gluten free, USA organically grown, contain no harsh chemicals, CO2 solvent free extracted, considered pharmaceutical grade, industrial hemp certified, and independently and third party tested for quality.  Lab test results can be examined in our FAQ section.